5 Next Cryptocurrency To Explode July 2021 Week 1

The crypto market has endured a challenging period in the last two months. However, the nascent industry seems to be catching some tailwind with many protocols posting gains on the daily chart.

In this article, we will show you the 5 next cryptocurrency to explode in July.

1. DeFi Coins (DEFC)

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an interesting place for any investor to look into and many crypto protocols focused in this space have shown remarkable growth in a short period of time.

One of such is

3. Binance Coin (BNB)

Third on our cryptocurrency to explode list is the proprietary coin of global centralized exchange Binance. Known in the crypto space as BNB, the native token of the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume has been one of the best performing tokens so far in the year.

Binance Coin price charts July 5

Trading at a lowly $34 late Dec 2020, BNB has exploded surging to a whopping $650 during the crypto boom of April 2021. This has made the digital token to be one of the top five crypto assets trading just below Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Even though the token is primarily used for trading discounts on the Binance exchange, investors have scrambled to snap up available BNB coins.

At press time, it is currently trading at $305.81 after climbing 6.40% in the last seven days. With the crypto market getting a break, BNB is one of the cryptocurrency to explode this July.

4. Polygon (MATIC)

Next on our cryptocurrency to explode list is layer two multi-scaling solution Polygon.

Built on the Ethereum network, the crypto protocol rebranded to Polygon this year from Matic Network.

Polygon price charts July 7

Offering a means for users to verify transactions on the Ethereum blockchain without paying so many fees, Polygon has become one of the most popular crypto protocols so far.

It has onboarded a number of crypto protocols with many DeFi applications finding a second home on the platform. This has reflected in its price action with the digital token surging from $0.01781 at the beginning of the year to $2.4544 before the market correction.

It has not been able to reclaim this all-time high (ATH) and has met the $2 resistance zone. Trading currently at $1.14, Polygon is set for an uptrend and is like one of the cryptocurrency to explode as DeFi continues to boom.

5. Internet Computer (ICP)

Wrapping up our list of cryptocurrency to explode is the decentralized internet company Internet Computer.

ICP price charts July 5

According to the development team, Internet Computer wants to facilitate the growth of the decentralized internet and the Web3 ecosystem.

The Internet Computer is the world’s first blockchain protocol that runs at web speed. The project which started as far back as 2016 seeks to enable the re-imagination of software for developers. This way, individuals, corporate institutions, and governments can easily deploy software without having to rely on centralized servers.

Its ICP native token has not had a smooth sail since launching this year. Starting off at $700, the token has lost more than 90% of its value.

However, ICP is on a rebound and has surged 14.87% at the moment of writing. There are many other virtual currencies that catch the eye but these ones are expected to see significant growth this month.

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