Canada’s Shawarma Restaurant Chain Tells The Truth About BTC

Tahini’s Restaurants, a restaurant chain based in Canada with its headquarters in Ontario, is known for its hummus, Shawarma, and various other delicacies from the sunny Middle East. Now, however, the chain has been gaining some buzz in the crypto space, as the business opted to drop some hard truths about how Bitcoin stands superior to gold as a store value.

Pro Food And Pro Bitcoin

Through a Twitter thread, Tahini’s gave a nice, long explanation as to why Bitcoin is superior to gold in terms of wealth preservation. The firm went as far as explaining how it told its financial advisor straight up that gold would turn into a scam of all things thanks to Bitcoin, before going into detail about how the age of gold is fading.

The restaurant claims that gold in and of itself has no inherent value to it, even if the gold bugs across the world would cry foul at the mere thought of it. Instead, the only value this metal has in the eyes of this Middle Eastern restaurant, is the fact that it’s a scarce commodity that can be stored in vaults by both institutions and individuals. This is mostly true, but gold has its use cases, especially for electronics.

BTC Holds True Supremacy Against Gold: Tahini’s

However, Tahini’s explains that Bitcoin’s superiority comes from its 100% monetary premium. As such, the currency has no other use case, like gold does, and is purely a form of monetary value. It went further, claiming that Bitcoin allows for value to dematerialize, turning said value into a digital format.

This allows for this money to move across the globe without the need for any official third party. The restaurant chain emphasized this by saying, through Bitcoin, $100 million can move from Canada to the UK, to Australia, then back to Canada, with the entire process costing only $30 and taking just 2 hours.

Peter Schiff stands on the other end of the spectrum, with the man utterly adamant that Bitcoin is doomed to fail and gold will rule for all eternity. The man, in a blunder Crypto Twitter won’t ever let him forget, said Bitcoin’s max value would be $17,000. At the moment, that’s the bottom of the crypto market, and the crypto space has been ribbing him ever since.

Strange, High Profile Moves From A Shawarma Chain

Tahini’s has been quite vocal as to how it dislikes gold. It was earlier this month when the restaurant chain crudely stated that gold was indeed a “shitty” store of value.

Tahini had already made headlines back in August thanks to the restaurant chain converting its entire cash reserve into Bitcoin. Such a high profile move gave them quite a bit of praise from the figures of the crypto space, such as Max Keiser, Anthony Pompliano, and Stacy Herbert.