Nimera Swap Offers DeFi Exchange Platform With Low Fees and Support for Any Blockchain

The Defi revolution has brought about a new world of opportunities for crypto investors, but major improvements are still needed in the current ecosystem. For example, the most popular coin swapping service today is dependent on ethererum and its ridiculously high gas prices. Nimera Swap offers a solution to this problem with a DeFi exchange platform that has lower network fees compared to ethereum-based solutions and also supports all kinds of tokens.

DeFi Exchange Platform With Lower Fees

Nimera Swap is a new service where you can easily exchange crypto assets or provide liquidity and earn passive income. The service is developed by Nimera, a blockchain ecosystem developer. To celebrate the new platform Nimera will be distributing 10,000 USDT among liquidity providers for the service, with prizes awarded in proportion to your share of total supplied liquidity. For more details about the upcoming promotion check out the platform’s website at Nimera.Exchange.

The new service offers a number of advantages over existing platforms like Uniswap. Probably the most noticeable difference to experienced users will be the fee prices. While the older coin swapping system is dependent on ethereum and thus suffers from very high gas prices, Nimera Swap is powered by its own EON blockchain. This means that fees can be lower compared to ethereum-powered alternatives. As low as 0.5% on select pairs, in fact.

If you are new to DeFi swapping, Nimera Swap also offers a number of advantages over traditional crypto exchange platforms. One of the most exciting of these advantages is the possibility for liquidity mining, also known as yield farming, which is a way to earn passive income on your crypto holdings by serving as a liquidity provider for the service. Unlike popular DeFi platforms, projects need to pass an evaluation before getting access to the platform. This minimizes the chance that trades and liquidity providers encounter scam coins. The user interface of the Nimera Swap platform is also much easier for new traders to use as it does not have confusing features that centralized exchanges have such as order book and complex charts.

Nimera Swap Offers DeFi Exchange Platform With Low Fees and Support for Any Blockchain

Another major advantage of the Nimera Swap over older DeFi platforms is its support for all kinds of blockchains. As mentioned above, the new service is not dependent on ethereum and as a result it can support all types of assets and is not limited to offering only ERC-20 tokens like Uniswap. This can potentially open a much wider world of investment possibilities for crypto traders.

Beyond the traders and investors, Nimera Swap is also very attractive for projects that want to get liquidity for their tokens. The service will allow listed projects to create liquidity pools with multiple markets, access market-making tools and be empowered to grow their community of investors.

Nimera Swap Offers DeFi Exchange Platform With Low Fees and Support for Any Blockchain

“Our goal is to create an ideal starting platform for projects, by providing them with community management tools, detailed public profiles to help share how awesome they are with the world, and profile pages with analytics on performance,” explains Ivan Skladchikov, Head of Marketing at Nimera. “ We give projects a way to gain traction.”

To learn more about the Nimera Swap platform and the upcoming promotion for the new service visit Nimera.Exchange right now!


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