Stripe Sees Former BoE Governor Mark Carney Join Board Of Directors

Stripe, a US-based payments company dedicated to the development of new commerce solutions for the Internet, has recently added a brand new member to its Board of Directors: Mark Carney. Carney joins up with Stripe after having served in the Bank of England (BoE) as one of its crypto pioneers.

Carney’s Still A Big Fish

The official introduction of Carney as a Board Member occurred on Sunday, standing alongside names like Diane Green, Christa Davies, Sir Micheal Moritz, Jonathan Chadwick, as well as the two co-founders of Stripe: John and Patrick Collison.

In the mandatory public statement, Stripe cited Carney’s extensive experience regarding global governance and financial systems, which will be especially useful with the payment firm’s rollout of new climate efforts.

The Mandatory Kind Words

In a public statement, Carney declared that commerce by its very nature has changed within these past ten years. He praised Stripe, as one always does in this situation, stating that the firm has been at the forefront of this change. He said the firm helped enable this digital economy, explaining that it provides both small and large businesses across the globe with both resilient and innovative global payment solutions.

In his mandatory kind words, he declared his eagerness to work alongside Stripe and support it throughout the coming years. He stated that the firm will develop and construct a global infrastructure that will allow the Internet at large to become an engine for inclusive and robust economic growth.

Stripe itself was founded back in 2011, marketing itself as an all-encompassing payments processing platform dedicated to various forms of online business such as e-commerce. Stripe even dabbled in Bitcoin payments for a time, rolling out BTC payment options back in 2015. However, Stripe had also pulled out of Bitcoin in 2018 due to the platform’s issues with the network in terms of slow processing time and high transfer fees.

Stripe even had its finger in Diem, back when it was first announced and was still known as the Libra Project. Massive pressure from various global governments had completely crippled Libra, before the entire project built itself back up. Time will tell how Libra, or rather Diem, will fare in the future.

Stripe Still Positive About Crypto

It should be noted that John Collison, one of the co-founders of Stripe, has been giving positive sentiments regarding crypto for some time now. The man is hopeful for crypto’s future in general, even if Stripe was forced to pull out thanks to the ever-expanding problem of transaction fees within the top crypto networks out there.

Carney himself had already expressed positive sentiments toward none other than Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs. Indeed, he expressed a vision of the future back in 2019 at the Jackson Hole Symposium, one where the great US Dollar was replaced by some sort of CBDC as the global reserve currency.

It should be noted that it’s been almost a year since he stepped down from his position of Governor of the Bank of England. Carney was there to help tackle the BoE’s problems regarding Brexit and COVID-19’s initial impact on the global economy.